What do vegans eat? Plenty. If you can dream it, someone out there has either created a vegan recipe to make it or found a vegan restaurant that serves it. Search our extensive vegan recipes database for tonight's dinner. Explore our vegan restaurants directory to find a new eatery. Browse our exclusive vegan recipes to find meals featuring low fat, whole food ingredients. Read reviews of the latest vegan cookbooks. Check out our vegan recipe of the day. Submit your favorite vegan cookies recipe.

From vegan recipes to vegan diet information, from vegan food to vegan restaurants, from vegan chocolate to vegan bread, you'll find it all at Vegan Digest. Welcome!

A Blog is Born

The Vegan Digest Blog is now live. Check in with the Vegan Digest editors for the latest on vegan food and more. Find us at the top of the page under Vegan Articles & Tips or click here.

Spring into Veganism

With the trees blooming and temperatures finally warming, what better way to spend the a warm spring afternoon than whipping up a vegan salad? Vegan Digest offers thousands of free vegan recipes to put a spring in your step. Whether you are looking for a vegan picnic recipe or a hearty spring bread recipe, Vegan Digest has you covered. You can also search for Pick Your Own Fruits and Vegetables if you're looking for fresh from the farm produce.

Did you Know?

Vegan Digest's Vegan Restaurant Directory is one of the largest, most complete listings on the internet, featuring shops in all 50 states. Plus, every vegan restaurant in our directory now includes a website link, Google map, and driving directions. You can search the Vegan Restaurant Listings by state, restaurant name, city name, and even area code. It's especially helpful when traveling. We depend on our readers for additions, deletions, and corrections to this helpful directory. See if your favorite restaurant is listed. And if you happen to visit Disneyworld in Florida, find out a Disney Watch before you go.

All Aboard!

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