A Peach from Far, Far Away

Posted on January 8th, 2009, by vegandigest_anne

A trip to the grocery store is never an quick visit for me. There are so many decisions.  Even in the produce aisle alone.  My first choice is to buy local, organic produce.  I find organic produce (especially fruit) tastes way better than non-organic and it is best for the planet, of course.  But buying local organic, produce is not always possible for many reasons.  First, it may not even be available.  Second, it may be too expensive for my budget.  So as I study the produce options at the local grocery store, I have to make decisions.

Case in point, my visit to the local Publix this past week.  Non-organic peaches from Chili were on sale.  I literally began drooling.  I hadn’t had a peach in so long!  (Since eliminating most processed food and sugar from my vegan diet, I live for good fruit.)  I bought six peaches.

Later, I felt a bit guilty for buying the peaches.  Seems so silly. I tell myself that everything is a give and take.  I’ve made huge strides in cutting down on my pesticide intake by simply becoming vegan.  We are faced with choices everyday and do the best we can.  Thoughts?

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