Hot or cold, coffee will always be a favorite for most people. Some prefer it with milk while others take it in its original form. However new coffee recipes arise every day, from Luscious Latte, Mocha Madness, Colorful Coffee, Sugar and Spice, and other assorted coffee recipes. For vegetarians like me, there are also a bulk of assorted recipes of coffee recipes to satisfy our never-ending cravings for a healthy coffee drink.

Most coffee lovers are always looking for ways to make their coffees healthier. This is not restricted to vegetarian coffee lovers only. The rate of lactose intolerances, allergies, digestive issues, weight management has let to the demand for a healthy coffee drink. Without compromising the rich taste of the coffee drink, we also want every cup of coffee we take to have a quality healthy dose. So how can we achieve that?

Most coffee lovers will prefer to have their own home brewed coffee immediately after hopping off lazily from sleep. Instead of the long queue wait at a coffee shop, which might not have your desired coffee flavor or a taste of home.

How do you make a healthy coffee using the automatic Espresso machine? It is very simple.

To make your vegetarian coffee, regardless of the machine you would be using, be it nondairy cappuccino coffee, a spicy coffee, soy milk coffee or any other coffee of your choice, follow these steps:

  • Power the Espresso Machine
  • Put the coffee of your choice into the machine
  • Brew for three minutes
  • Your coffee is ready!

It is that simple. I prefer the Asian and Arabian spiced coffee, but there are tons of other recipes you can try. Vegan coffee is not only healthy, but they have a natural taste. The Espresso machines also help to maintain the natural goodness of the coffee.

During my 30th birthday, my sister gave me an Automatic Espresso Machine as my birthday gift. | thought my Manual Espresso machine was everything until | tried out the Automatic Espresso. It is very easy to use, saves time, maintained the taste of the coffee and making my healthy vegetarian coffee became an easy job. Within minutes, | had my coffee ready and | was never late for work. | really have to thank my sister for that.

If you are vegetarian or a health enthusiast, having an Automatic Espresso should be your number one priority.

There different types of amazing Semi-Automatic Espresso machines
and they sell for a range of $300 to $800. They are the Semi-automatic machines and the Super-Automatic machines

The semi-automatic machines are for a novice with little experience with automatic kitchen gadgets, while the automatic is quite advance although very easy to use. The main difference is just the physical effort involved in the brewing process.


Coffee is the number one breakfast for millions of Americans. To have the best of your coffee, you should also consider having a healthy coffee. There are many recipes for a healthy coffee drink. You can simply check out so many websites online to get other vegan nourishing coffee recipes, and | promise you will love them. As much as it might seem to be all about having a healthy coffee, what is good coffee with no modern Espresso machine to brew it. | recommend you get an Automatic Espresso machine to make you get the best out of your coffee. A good automatic Espresso machine is a day save.