Vegan design Motorcycle Gear

A vegetarian will take the slightest opportunity to promote the consumption of vegetable and a total boycott in animal proteins. A vegan who is a rider will customize the motorcycle gears with a green color- a symbol of the environment. In addition, poor use of gears leads to the emission of dangerous smoke which pollutes the environment, he will translate that to food poisoning since this is his major food, even if it is grass and trees. A vegan and the environment are inseparable; in fact, in most conferences dealing with the environment, their main diet involves strictly vegetables.

The best for motorcycle riders consume vegetables; this is because of the following reasons. Vegetable promote weight loss hence despite the sedentary life, the main cause of obesity, he has a good agility and muscular endurance to sustain the changing of gears and an intensive motorcycle competition. Organizers of the same advocate for a vegetarian diet because of proper digestion and minimal cases of bloating and constipation. In addition, vegetables contain essential minerals and vitamins which help to replenish worn out tissues and further boost the immune system of the rider promoting proper health for longer lifespan in motorcycling.

Food is not the main component that promotes good health; a rider must have protective gear at all costs to prevent damage in case of a fall or a motorcycle accident which in most cases turn fatal. In fact in some countries, lack of safety and protection gear leads to conviction or heavy fines or long court battles which are time-consuming and involve deep financial stress.

The five most basic safety and protective gear suitable for a vegan

The helmet is a must-have protective gear to safeguard the skull which houses the brain- the engine of most body functions. You might opt for a full enclosure with a face hole with a glass to protect the eyes without compromising on vision. The helmet with a plant theme promotes a vegan diet, in the simplest form color which portrays some type of fruits or vegetables come in handy.


You need a warm jacket to prevent the chest from cold and the wind. At the same time, during warm weather, the jacket might be uncomfortable hence you need a jacket with a cotton material lining to help in regulation of terrestrial radiation making you comfortable.

Reflective coat

Riding at night is inevitable, the headlights alone will not save you from being hit from the back. A reflective jacket is vital to warn motorists of your presence. The color matters for the vegan.


When you opt for an open helmet especially during summer; then wear a sunglass to protect your eyes from dust particles and direct sunlight.


The lower limbs need a warm pants to enhance comfortability of the vegan. This now depends on his taste in design and choice of color to accommodate trending fashion styles.


Your hands are not left out either, this protects the fingers from freezing and friction while handling the motorcycle steering.

A vegan uses color and customization of parts of the motorcycle to promote the theme of his food preference.