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The Ecstacy of Health - In the Zone

by Rogers Johnson

There is a bit of a learning curve to being a happy and successful vegan. I mean, you can't eat Wonder bread (which isn't vegan) and drink Coke and expect to have a singing body, let alone get in the zone.

'In the zone,' of course, is term that describes those moments when everything you've worked on, whether in sports, artistically, or in this case your diet and lifestyle, come together in an almost magical way, producing the highest possible feelings, experiences and results. It's worth the effort, I can tell you first hand. It's more orgasmic than anything I know, because everything, even the mundane, takes on a glow. Everything becomes, sort of interesting and part of a happy experience.

There's a saying, "The more you give up, the more you can have." And this is very true with veganism. However, I don't feel I'm sacrificing anything by being vegan. I've just gotten to the point (and you will too, if haven't already) where I don't like animal protein. It feels heavy and unpleasent...really sickning in a way, to me.

Vegan Salad Years ago, when still chawing on animals, a friend made a 'surprise' stew. It tasted terrible. We found out later it was venison, i.e. DEER. It tasted gamey. The way I think goat cheese tastes. Well, more conventional animal products have taken on that kind of feel to me. I love the lightness that comes with clean, yes clean, foods.

And eventually, if you do it right, and you educate yourself about things like how sugar can be especially unbalancing for many on a vegan diet, etc., you will reach a place, that maybe you haven't quite experienced before. The lining of your intestine is cleaner than ever, as are your nasal passages, and those very tiny capalaries in your brain, that's, perhaps, have been keeping oxygen from getting to your brain's 'in-the-zone' regions.

This takes some time, but the more you invest, in whole, fresh, ideally organic foods (a big salad, with like 30 different things in it, every day for lunch...find a great salad bar near you...is a phenomenal habit that will assist in this transmutative process), the closer you will come to this state. A kind of, dietary enlightenment.

When you sit down, shake hands, and have a pow wow with the Ecstacy-of-Health, you'll always know what is possible by living this way...and you probably won't want to go back!

About the Author:

Rogers Johnson has been predominantly vegan for 20 years and has worked with many prominent restaurateurs, in addition to his writing. His website can be found at http://www.myspace.com/rogersjohnson

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