About Us

About the Founder

Stacy is the brain behind Vegan Digest, a blog dedicated to vegans to help them enjoy their lifestyle by promoting more healthy and creative vegan recipes.

Stacy desires to make it easier for as many people to adopt a plant-based diet, including picky kids, meat-eaters, or people who are allergic to certain foods.

Her journey as a vegan started when she encountered an eye-opening article that left little to the imagination on the maltreatment animals endure so humans can chomp on chickens or other dairy products.

Subsequently, Stacy gradually started practicing veganism and creating more vegan food recipes for people with allergies, learning more about the nutrition and environmental impact of factory farming.

Mission And Vision


We want to inspire as many people as possible to adopt veganism as an eating lifestyle via thoughtful discussions with individuals, organizations, governments, and policymakers.


Our vision at Vegan Digest is to eliminate the cruelty and exploitation of animals and to promote animals’ rights.