How to Clean and Prepare Your Veggies for Cooking

Fruits and vegetables, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, can be contaminated with harmful germs. The germs are responsible for causing sickness in about 48 million people annually. Produce, just like animal products, must be handled with great care to prevent avoidable illnesses. This is for the reason that fruits and veggies […]

How Veganism Can Save You from COVID-19

You have to be full of smiles right now if you are vegan. It seems the whole world is thinking vegan. For others like me, being vegan has never been so rewarding. In May, 74-year-old Andre Dehant, with her husband, who has been vegan for seven years, recovered from COVID-19. She credited her vegan diets […]

Essential Tips in Choosing Digital Security Solution for A Vegan Restaurant

There is no doubt that there is a need for vegan restaurants to protect their bank account from hackers. The hospitality industry is a tricky one. The many sources of income and financial transactions can confuse the financial officers to a point they may fail to notice a dubious deal. They may come to realize […]

Why Should a Vegan Need to have an Infrared Heater?

What is more relaxing than having the feel of the warmth of home in a chilly winter night? Getting warm inside your blanket or on the couch watching your favorite TV show is the next relaxation state someone needs during winter. An infrared heater is the best option to have as it keeps your room […]

Vegan Recipes For Kids

All too often vegan recipes which are child-friendly are way too high in carbohydrates in order to make them tasty and appealing to our young ones. So let us take a look at some great Kato diet (low carbs), healthy and totally meat-free vegan recipes that all kids will love. Keto diet meaning – A […]

Limousine Service vs Vegan Restaurant Businesses

Limousine Benefits A limousine rental business is constantly seen as a decent speculation decision paying little respect to the demeanor of the economy. As it is firmly subsidiary with the tourism and friendliness enterprises, auto rental organizations or taxi administrations business are by and large seen as a steady speculation channel that has an undiscovered […]

Uses of Dewalt Tools for Harvesting Vegetables

You have made an effort to spend time in your home making your vegetable garden. Your love for farming goes a notch higher to practice large scale farming to feed your neighborhood. The interaction with nature gives you a fulfilling effect and a sense of contentment. When the result is good (bumper harvest) your energized […]

Easy Vegan Recipe for Holiday Dessert

It’s easy, you can make it ahead of time, and it’s got chocolate.  Sound like a perfect holiday dessert?  It is. I’ve made this no-bake chocolate pumpkin pie from the Sweet Beet and Green Bean blog several times and I love it. The combination of pumpkin and chocolate was not something that sounded wonderful to […]

Vegetable Love 2009 Entry

Susan from the Fat Free Vegan blog is having a challenge called Vegetable Love 2009. Fat Free Vegan is one of my favorite Vegan Food blogs and always a fun read. Here is her description of the challenge: Im talking about Vegetable Love, my annual challenge to my fellow bloggers to create some hot, sexy, […]