How Veganism Can Save You from COVID-19

You have to be full of smiles right now if you are vegan. It seems the whole world is thinking vegan. For others like me, being vegan has never been so rewarding.

In May, 74-year-old Andre Dehant, with her husband, who has been vegan for seven years, recovered from COVID-19. She credited her vegan diets for aiding her survival.

The world’s in disarray because of the strange virus, COVID-19, even the most unconcerned individuals, are thinking vegan. For some of us, it has never paid off to be a vegan than this period of a pandemic. Many people are already turning to ask for advice, hence the need to write this article. Read on.

What the Reports Are Saying

Veganism is a trend in the world at the moment. A growing number of the populace, most especially millennials, are now avoiding animal products. After all, Covid-19 originated from an animal market called the “wet market.” A place where people slaughter animals for food.

In the US, a poll was carried out by, a credit building company. This study included 1,340 respondents, 23% of the respondents said they’re now eating more of vegan food during the pandemic while 11% are eating more meat.

Mintel, a renowned market research firm, released a report in early June. It showed that Brits have become more attracted to a plant-based diet, due to the Corona outbreak. A report showed that 12% of Britons believe that the pandemic has made a vegan diet more attractive.  As many as 25% of British millennials (aged 21-13) agreed so well as 22% of Londoners.

How Veganism Helps

While it’s unproven that veganism cures or prevents Covid-19, there are medically proven ways through which you can secure yourself by merely maintaining veganism.

Low Tendency of Underlying Sickness

According to the renowned plant-based medic, Michael Greger, one of the reasons the US is witnessing the most significant number of COVID-19 related deaths was due to pre-existing health conditions.

Maintaining a proper vegan diet gives you more chance of survival even if you’re infected. We can tackle these pre-existing conditions if everyone supports veganism. High blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc. are much lower among vegans than animal product consumers.  

Vegan Diet Can Treat Underlying Conditions

By treating or properly managing pre-existing conditions, you stand a better chance of surviving COVID. Though a plant-based diet can’t prevent or treat COVID-19. However, it can help treat pre-existing conditions. According to research, 99% of deaths from COVID-19 in Italy were people with underlying sicknesses such as cancer, diabetes, or lung disease. Also, 70% had high blood pressure.

Vegan diets dramatically reduce high blood pressure risks by 33 to 75% compared to meat and dairy eaters, in two weeks alone. If you stay on vegan foods, you’ll be able to reduce your high blood pressure to a healthy level.

Vegans are less likely to suffer from a heart attack than meat-eaters. Vegan diets reduce the risk of heart disease deaths by 40%. It’ll help you to reverse your heart disease condition and other numerous underlying conditions.

Judging from the above, you’d find that living on vegan diets affords you a better chance to be in to overcome coronavirus.

Also, veganism would help you lose weight directly or indirectly by living on plant-based diets or using plant-based products for weight loss. Such products afford a lot of benefits to those who are on weight loss programs. They help to make the transition process much more comfortable.


There’s no question that it’s high time we ditched animal food products. COVID-19 and other diseases of its kind are traceable to animals. It’s known that six out every ten diseases found in humans are zoonotic (diseases of animal origin). Current outbreaks like COVID19, SARS, Ebola, Bird Flu and many others are zoonotic. Going vegan is the way to preserve humanity and its environment from the threat of these diseases.

To live through this lockdown period unscathed, it’s your responsibility to ensure you maintain a robust immune system. You do so eating vegan diets and having proper body exercise.