Vegan Recipes For Kids

All too often vegan recipes which are child-friendly are way too high in carbohydrates in order to make them tasty and appealing to our young ones. So let us take a look at some great Kato diet (low carbs), healthy and totally meat-free vegan recipes that all kids will love.

Keto diet meaning – A keto diet is a low carb, medium protein, but high in the fat diet which means eating low carb but high fat produce, which in turn causes the liver to produce ketones which eat away at the body’s fat stores (which are created by eating carbs). This is a great diet if you have diabetes or wish to reduce in weight.

A variation of the keto diet and non-keto diet, kids vegan recipes, is a good combination, to maintain a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Mung Bean and Olive Balls in Tomato sauce with Zucchini Spaghetti
All kids love spaghetti and meatballs with tomato sauce. This recipe is great for kids who notoriously ‘hate’ vegetables. The recipe can be prepared and cooked in just 45 minutes and serves 4.

To make the balls:
2 cups of cooked mung beans
1/2 cup of cooked black olives – chopped
clove of garlic – chopped
2 tablespoons of sun-dried tomatoes – chopped
1 tsp of mixed herbs
1 tsp of dried oregano
a pinch of salt and pepper (to taste)
small pinch of Chilli flakes (optional)
2 tbs of tomato ketchup
ground flax seeds

Soak the fl. seeds in 3 tbs of water and set aside for 10 minutes. Mash the mung beans in a bowl until smooth and then add all other ingredients and mix thoroughly. Roll into small balls, place on a non-stick tray and cook in a medium oven for 15 minutes. Turn over and cook for another 5 – 10 minutes.

Whilst the balls are cooking make a normal tomato sauce for spaghetti, and when balls are cooked place them gently in sauce and take off the stove – do not stir. Cook some vegetable spaghetti (zucchini) and gently spoon balls over. Sprinkle with vegan cheese if wished. Enjoy. Can be served with buttered cauliflower rice as an alternative to vegetable pasta.

Kato Cheese and Tomato Pizza
All you to make the dough is the following:
2 tsp of coconut oil 2 cups of Almond flour Pinch of sea salt tsp of baking powder tsp of olive oil

Mix together thoroughly and roll out to resemble flatbreads Place on baking tray and cook for 15 minutes or until golden and crisp. When a little cooled, cover in gorgeous tomato sauce, vegan cheese, and vegan toppings of choice and cook for further 5 – 10 minutes until cheese is bubbling. The kids will love these gorgeous little pizzas and they will become a firm family favorite.

Kiss dieting goodbye, kids vegan recipes and it can be guaranteed that your young ones, even kids who proclaim to hate veggies – will love and beg for these recipes to be cooked night after night.