Vegans Talk: How Reliable Is Identity Guard and Lifelock

Business is all about competition. Identity Guard and LifeLock offer the same security services the only difference lies in the value-added services from each of them. In the digital world, as long as someone has your identity and all the information then you can be bankrupt anytime if you do not have a security feature that these two companies offer.

They come in handy to give you all the comfort and peace you deserve rather than worrying about the uncertainty of using the online payments systems which are prone to fraud.

We will have in-depth information about each of them such that the Vegans can have information and make the correct decision on which one to go for when it comes to security.

Life Lock

Lifelock comes in four different plans. The higher the pricing plan the more the services which may be essential for identity protection. The range from $25,000 to $100,000. All of the plans can

  1. Reimburse stolen funds
  2. Provides identification and social security
  3. Handles credit monitoring (it is only the number that differs.

Other functions that come with the higher subscriptions include the VPN for a specified number of devices; they are unlimited with higher subscriptions; alerts on financial transactions from your accounts, provision of alert services on any crimes under your name; credit reports and investment account activities. It is the degree of the additional services that differentiate one policy to the other.

 Identity guard

This company also specifies identity protection but now with a different business model. They look at individual policy and family policy in which each of them also has special plans depending on the service that you need for the company. They also deal with annual billing, unlike LifeLock that looks at monthly billing. Each of them has three plans which include the vale, premier and total plans.

The services that cut across all the plans include monitoring of the disk web; management report of the risks, the inclusion of safe browsing tools and anti-phishing software for smartphones. Other additional plans that come with the other two premiums which also have the degree of protection as you go to the higher pricing plans.

They include the Credit score report, bureau credit monitor which the number increases with the high plan; alerts on tax refunds and monthly credit score report.

Before you choose the best protection, you just need to know what you exactly want from the security firms. This is in line with your daily transactions and the mode in which you use. In case major of your financial transactions are web-based then Identity Theft is the most appropriate otherwise for the rest then LifeLock will still serve you.

You also want to consider your budget. Yes, you may have the money but there is no need of registering in high-priced plan protection when you know very well the additional functions may not be of help to you at that time.