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There are vast reasons why you should go vegan. These advantages go beyond having the honor of joining the cool vegan clique.


In this site, you'll see what it means to be a vegan, the juicy benefits attached to joining this clan, and the different types of vegans there are in this healthy circle.

You’re welcome to Vegan Digest. We gladly enlighten people about the beauty and benefits of going vegan. We create and promote healthy and diverse recipes that support veganism, so people don’t run out of vegan food options.

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Now let’s go green.


Reasons Why You Should Be a Vegan


Protecting Animals

By joining the rest of the practicing vegans in the world, you’ll be reducing the number of animals being slaughtered or exploited, say 100 annually. Quite a feat.


Be More Compassionate

Animals are sentient creatures like humans. They can grieve, love, feel pain, fear, and many other emotions. By viewing them in that light, you’ll be expressing more compassion to this species and respecting their right to life.

Why Vegan

What Does It Mean to Be a Vegan?

Vegans avoid using or eating anything made from terrestrial or marine animals and vehemently stand against the cruelty and exploitation of all animals.

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