How Veganism Can Save You from COVID-19

You have to be full of smiles right now if you are vegan. It seems the whole world is thinking vegan. For others like me, being vegan has never been so rewarding.

In May, 74-year-old Andre Dehant, with her husband, who has been vegan for seven years, recovered from COVID-19. She credited her vegan diets for aiding her survival.

The world’s in disarray because of the strange virus, COVID-19, even the most unconcerned individuals, are thinking vegan. For some of us, it has never paid off to be a vegan than this period of a pandemic. Many people are already turning to ask for advice, hence the need to write this article. Read on.

What the Reports Are Saying

Veganism is a trend in the world at the moment. A growing number of the populace, most especially millennials, are now avoiding animal products. After all, Covid-19 originated from an animal market called the “wet market.” A place where people slaughter animals for food.

In the US, a poll was carried out by, a credit building company. This study included 1,340 respondents, 23% of the respondents said they’re now eating more of vegan food during the pandemic while 11% are eating more meat.

Mintel, a renowned market research firm, released a report in early June. It showed that Brits have become more attracted to a plant-based diet, due to the Corona outbreak. A report showed that 12% of Britons believe that the pandemic has made a vegan diet more attractive.  As many as 25% of British millennials (aged 21-13) agreed so well as 22% of Londoners.

How Veganism Helps

While it’s unproven that veganism cures or prevents Covid-19, there are medically proven ways through which you can secure yourself by merely maintaining veganism.

Low Tendency of Underlying Sickness

According to the renowned plant-based medic, Michael Greger, one of the reasons the US is witnessing the most significant number of COVID-19 related deaths was due to pre-existing health conditions.

Maintaining a proper vegan diet gives you more chance of survival even if you’re infected. We can tackle these pre-existing conditions if everyone supports veganism. High blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc. are much lower among vegans than animal product consumers.  

Vegan Diet Can Treat Underlying Conditions

By treating or properly managing pre-existing conditions, you stand a better chance of surviving COVID. Though a plant-based diet can’t prevent or treat COVID-19. However, it can help treat pre-existing conditions. According to research, 99% of deaths from COVID-19 in Italy were people with underlying sicknesses such as cancer, diabetes, or lung disease. Also, 70% had high blood pressure.

Vegan diets dramatically reduce high blood pressure risks by 33 to 75% compared to meat and dairy eaters, in two weeks alone. If you stay on vegan foods, you’ll be able to reduce your high blood pressure to a healthy level.

Vegans are less likely to suffer from a heart attack than meat-eaters. Vegan diets reduce the risk of heart disease deaths by 40%. It’ll help you to reverse your heart disease condition and other numerous underlying conditions.

Judging from the above, you’d find that living on vegan diets affords you a better chance to be in to overcome coronavirus.

Also, veganism would help you lose weight directly or indirectly by living on plant-based diets or using plant-based products for weight loss. Such products afford a lot of benefits to those who are on weight loss programs. They help to make the transition process much more comfortable.


There’s no question that it’s high time we ditched animal food products. COVID-19 and other diseases of its kind are traceable to animals. It’s known that six out every ten diseases found in humans are zoonotic (diseases of animal origin). Current outbreaks like COVID19, SARS, Ebola, Bird Flu and many others are zoonotic. Going vegan is the way to preserve humanity and its environment from the threat of these diseases.

To live through this lockdown period unscathed, it’s your responsibility to ensure you maintain a robust immune system. You do so eating vegan diets and having proper body exercise.

Essential Tips in Choosing Digital Security Solution for A Vegan Restaurant

There is no doubt that there is a need for vegan restaurants to protect their bank account from hackers.

The hospitality industry is a tricky one. The many sources of income and financial transactions can confuse the financial officers to a point they may fail to notice a dubious deal.

Woman uses Aloha software

They may come to realize it during reconciliations, which might be too late to salvage the situation.

The market is saturated with digital solutions, each coming with different products and plans. Without the right tips, you may regret your choice of a security tool.

Why do Vegan Restaurants need a Digital security solution?

  • Protect and safeguard their cash flow from unauthorized access
  • To “patent” their identity for web monitoring purposes
  • Provides comprehensive insurance coverage
  • To have credit alerts service and report system ideal for planning
  • Monitor all financial transaction
  • Use identity tools to monitor the system using the details

Looking at the primary functions of a digital solution, when going to shop for the best one for the vegan restaurant, don’t be deceived by the salesy messages.

Go for the features ideal for your business.

What do you want? – Quality services. Besides, it’s crucial to run due diligence from current and old members and feel what they say about the digital security solution of choice.

 The unbiased information comes in handy to make the right decision. Make comparisons to decrease the odds when it comes to online protection services.

Some of the most renowned Home Security Solutions available in the market include

  • Identity Theft Protection
  • LifeLock
  • Zander Identity theft
  • Identity Force

Now, you must be eager to know the tips for choosing the right Online security solution for your hotel. Here they are

Flexibility in plans

Security companies shouldn’t be fixated with their pricing. They need to be accommodative enough to handle the low-income restaurants, middle-income businesses, as well as the high-income ones.

Despite this, they should compromise on the security needs that all of them need. As the lead person making this crucial decision on behalf of the restaurant management, it’s essential to use the low plan as a guiding tool.

An excellent solution MUST provide services even to the little premium members. In other plans, they should include additional services that are relevant based on their income base.

Some of them include

Credit report

Annual credit score

Sex offender alerts

Family plan

Personal expense compensation

Do you think you need the additional services as a small vegan business struggling to break even?

Strong financial base based on their assets

You need to look at the financial capability of the company of choice. Are they able to compensate you the millions of dollars in case you fall, victim?

The reason for this is that, if worse come to the worst, they only need to auction their assets to compensate the members. If they have nothing like a fall back plan, you would rather not waste your time.

Regulatory bodies are acting as a watchdog to these companies to safeguard their citizens from money loss.

Confirm with such authorities if they are in line with all the certifications. In case their names miss in the list, then that is a red flag. Run as fast as you can lest you have a second thought.

Value-added service

Whatever the plan, you need to have additional services that also come as a package. The most common one is the insurance cover.

Read between the lines and ensure its part of the contract. Never work with word of mouth in such cases.

It’s the business money we are talking about here. You can’t afford to play money business with it.

Multi-layer protection services

When they say they protect your identity and your bank accounts from unauthorized withdrawal, what do they mean?

Protection should be in layers such that when a hacker gains access to the first layer, he still has a task ahead- to access yet a second one.

Remember, they are in the hacking business; they will always try for a third time. This is the typical multi-layer kind of security. If they only use one, then you are losing your money with that kind of company.

Refund and money-back guarantee policy

A good security company should allow members to test their services not for free but with a money-back guarantee pack usually up to sixty months.

The money-back-guarantee means that if you feel the plan is not worth your business, you can upgrade to another one or opt-out entirely but with a full refund as long as the member abides by the terms and conditions.

You may wonder why someone must pay. It’s for the benefit of the member; if the member becomes a victim within this period, the contract binds him for full compensation.

It’s a loss to the company. In short, they use the insurance principles.

Risk and compliance management Expertise

Please take note; we are dealing with money here; we can’t afford to take chances. State agencies use open-door policy.

Use that to your advantage; visit the offices and confirm if the said companies are in line with the compliance certifications.

If yes, it means they are doing legal business. You are covered by the insurance plan. Don’t believe in the certifications you see online. It would be best if you conformed unless you want to gamble with your money.

The decision is in your hands. As much as you are looking for a financial protection service, you need to take caution to get the best deal. It’s not give –and take kind of service.

You need to sit with the personnel and discuss your concerns and the type of service you need to help you make the right decision on a plan that will suit your vegan business.

6 Easy and Manageable Weight-Loss Tips for Teenagers

Teens are at crossroads. They are at the peak of their childhood. Several changes in their body demand more food intake; at the same time; they are fighting identity crisis that goes hand in hand with their confidence and self-esteem.

Therefore, adding weight is inevitable. There are many ways they can still maintain a healthy weight without interfering with their food intake. Weight loss is not all about diet; it also involves the overall lifestyle of the individual.

As much as teens tend to take pills for, it is a little easier way to lose weight, but health experts advise otherwise.

Read on about the tips teenagers need to lose weight

  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Engage in physical activity
  • Eat all meals but reduce food portions
  • Avoid sugar and sweet beverages
  • Avoid stress and anxiety
  • Avoid junk and processed foods at all costs

1. How to maintain a healthy diet for a teen

The main foot component that causes weight gain is fat. It is not to say that all fats bad. Unhealthy fat is what we are referring to here. Saturated fat tends to take time to digest. Along the way, they align themselves on the arteries causing weight gain.

Besides, they also get stored in the body as excess fat due to digestive nature. What then do you refer to healthy fat r unhealthy fat?

Healthy fat comes from vegetable oils like avocadoes, nuts, vegetable salad, olive oil, and eggs. The unhealthy fat includes all animal fat from animal products like red meat, chicken products, fish (although they have essential nutrients).

 Just like adults, they need to check on the intake of the fats they consume if they are in a weight loss program.

2. The physical activities

Teenagehood is a critical stage in any human development. They tend to explore and just love to watch as they discover themselves. Technology is a disadvantage to this generation. When not monitored, you notice that your daughter or son takes all the time on digital platforms with minimal physical movement.

This means that there is an imbalance between the input and the output, which aggravates weight gain. The best physical activity includes ping pong—bicycle riding, walking, jogging, or fitness center program.

You cannot say you are maintaining a healthy weight when there is minimal body movement. The main aim of physical activity is to burn the excess stored fat in the body.

3. Portion control

You have to check on what you eat. You cannot just eat as if you are eating for the last time in your lifetime. In a healthy meal, the carbohydrates should cater to 20 percent, while the protein takes 30 percent while the rest should be vegetables.

This combination tells you that you need to reduce your intake of carbohydrates and proteins, which turn to glucose, if not utilized by the output we mentioned earlier, then they are stored as fat.

 The best way to exercise portion control first is to drink water to fill your stomach such that you get full fast. Secondly, while at home, change your glassware and opt for small ones such that even if you fill your plate, you have still exercise portion control.

Lastly, it is not something you achieve in a day. Start small; of course, there are times you will relapse. It is in order but still goes back to your portion control goal.

4. Reduce or avoid sugar and sweet beverages

Sugar, in itself, does not cause weight. It is overconsumption that has a lot of calories, which can easily be turned into fat. You need to take note that sugar is a carbohydrate, and you understand the percentage of carbohydrates that are in your diet.

Teens love sugary stuff, and in most cases, these are not part of their diet. Once they have their main meals, it means the sugary foods are just supplementary, which is just a surplus that aid in weight gain. This is a clear explanation of product effectiveness in sugar intake.

5. Avoid stress and anxiety

There is a close relationship between excess eating and stress. Most youths tend to bury themselves in food when things are not right with them. It is easy to add weight and very difficult to lose the excess weight from the body.

What is easy, then? Just avoid any stress triggers. Parents should play a significant role by staying close to their teens and address their needs where possible. Besides, you need to guide them on stress-relieving activities such that they become their first line of thought before they reach out for help.

You also need to encourage them to speak out on small and big issues that affect them.

6. Avoid junk and processed foods at all costs

Naturally, junk food is not healthy meals, not only for teenagers but also for adults. First, they lack the right nutrients. Secondly, they have high sugar content, which easily gets converted to fat. Lastly, they are the category of processed food, which is made of chemicals detrimental to one’s health.

What is an easy, unhealthy lifestyle with more weight-difficult to loose to a healthy lifestyle with a healthy weight- easy to manage?

How to Start a Vegan Restaurant Business with a Small Income

It is common knowledge that the secret to good health solely lies in your diet and lifestyle. Eating out is a common practice, but the question is, what makes you choose one restaurant and not the other?

Customer loyalty that entrepreneurs enjoy in the hospitality industry is hard work. There are many factors that people consider when choosing a restaurant of choice.

Could you have a look at some of them?

  • The type of food
  • Customer service
  • The interior and exterior deco
  • The environment
  • The brand
  • Location

When you are sure that you have put these factors into consideration, and their viability is proven, then you can now go ahead and take the next steps in starting the business. Here are a few steps to take in beginning the vegan business, before you even decide on the location.

  1. Visualize your brand and business concept


You have decided it is a Vegetarian restaurant, that is not enough. You now have to get to the details of what you want to offer.

Besides the concept on how you want to do it, In short, you have to show on paper how you will build your vegan restaurant brand.

In the concept paper, you need to answer some of these questions

  • What will make you unique to the competition?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are the backup plans in case things don’t go well?
  • How will you enter and conquer the market?

The answers to all these questions need to captured in the concept paper.

  1. Write down your menu items

What are you going to offer? It is the menu item that will take you to the next step. It involves the equipment that you need to make a unique menu. Moreover, the source of energy is also vital in this step.

When you want to make the traditional vegetable soup, then these alternative energy sources come in handy.

Remember, you are specific on a diet you offer. Let people understand what exactly you are offering.

  1. Write a business plan

A business plan is a document that has all the details of the business. It is the reason why financial institutions use it as a requirement to get funding.

The reasons why you need a business plan include

  • It sets business priorities
  • Gives an overview of the financial state of the start-up
  • Makes you accountable
  • Provides proper financial management system

A business plan is a theoretical view of the business, including the financial aspect of it.

  1. Choose a suitable location

There should be a reason why people travel long distances to come to your eatery when there are other available options. You stand a chance now that you in a vegan business. You need to get a location that has high traffic to enjoy high-profit margins.

The law of nature will save you the marketing budget. Imagine if a restaurant in a residential estate? What makes one avoid eating at home? It is the worst mistake any restaurant owner can make in the investment world.

You are working on a low budget. You need to choose a location that is affordable in terms of the lease fees. Some cities are more expensive than others. Does locating the business in a costly town viable to your company?

  1. Evaluate the sources of income

There is a difference between visualizing a vegan restaurant and the actual implementation. The business plan gives you an overview of the financial options you need to actualize the business.

You can start small and grow as the business demands. Do you know the five-star restaurants were once in your financial situation?

  1. Have the vegan restaurant layout

You now have all it takes to start the business. Probably, you have even identified the room. It is time to draft a plan now and get the expertise to design it to your desire.

In this, you need to identify the cooking area, laundry area, and the restaurant area. At this point, you have an estimate of the furniture and kitchen equipment requirements.

  1. Get the required legal documents, including permits and licenses?

A vegan restaurant is a sensitive business that needs legal documentation. It is now time to go to the relevant offices and get all the legal documentation, for you are now ready to open it for the public.

Some of them may take time; all you need is to be patient until you have all of them. In case you are required to go for a medical check-up, then this is the stage.

You must have identified your staff, confirm that they are also compliant with the City’s food and nutrition department.

  1. Open the business for the public

At this stage, you now have all it takes to open your restaurant ready for your customers. There is a lot of anxiety at this time. You ask whether people will come or not. Open the business and face any challenges that come with it.

You are one step ahead- opening the business. Take time and listen to your customers. Take both the negative and positive feedback with the right attitude. Make changes where you can.

Before you notice, you are a testimony of how a small income can make you grow to be an international brand.

Vegans Talk: How Reliable Is Identity Guard and Lifelock

Business is all about competition. Identity Guard and LifeLock offer the same security services the only difference lies in the value-added services from each of them. In the digital world, as long as someone has your identity and all the information then you can be bankrupt anytime if you do not have a security feature that these two companies offer.

They come in handy to give you all the comfort and peace you deserve rather than worrying about the uncertainty of using the online payments systems which are prone to fraud.

We will have in-depth information about each of them such that the Vegans can have information and make the correct decision on which one to go for when it comes to security.

Life Lock

Lifelock comes in four different plans. The higher the pricing plan the more the services which may be essential for identity protection. The range from $25,000 to $100,000. All of the plans can

  1. Reimburse stolen funds
  2. Provides identification and social security
  3. Handles credit monitoring (it is only the number that differs.

Other functions that come with the higher subscriptions include the VPN for a specified number of devices; they are unlimited with higher subscriptions; alerts on financial transactions from your accounts, provision of alert services on any crimes under your name; credit reports and investment account activities. It is the degree of the additional services that differentiate one policy to the other.

 Identity guard

This company also specifies identity protection but now with a different business model. They look at individual policy and family policy in which each of them also has special plans depending on the service that you need for the company. They also deal with annual billing, unlike LifeLock that looks at monthly billing. Each of them has three plans which include the vale, premier and total plans.

The services that cut across all the plans include monitoring of the disk web; management report of the risks, the inclusion of safe browsing tools and anti-phishing software for smartphones. Other additional plans that come with the other two premiums which also have the degree of protection as you go to the higher pricing plans.

They include the Credit score report, bureau credit monitor which the number increases with the high plan; alerts on tax refunds and monthly credit score report.

Before you choose the best protection, you just need to know what you exactly want from the security firms. This is in line with your daily transactions and the mode in which you use. In case major of your financial transactions are web-based then Identity Theft is the most appropriate otherwise for the rest then LifeLock will still serve you.

You also want to consider your budget. Yes, you may have the money but there is no need of registering in high-priced plan protection when you know very well the additional functions may not be of help to you at that time.

Why Should a Vegan Need to have an Infrared Heater?

What is more relaxing than having the feel of the warmth of home in a chilly winter night? Getting warm inside your blanket or on the couch watching your favorite TV show is the next relaxation state someone needs during winter. An infrared heater is the best option to have as it keeps your room warm and cozy with the most pleasant welcome when you enter your home.

The infrared heater has a temperature greater than the other body and it transfers the heat through electromagnetic radiation. The electromagnetic radiations allow transferring the heat with any medium between the heater and the body as it can even work in the vacuum. The radiation is completely safe to use as it does not affect us in any negative way. On the other hand, the device allows us to be comfortable with our surrounding temperature making the muscle tension lower and entering into most relaxed muscle state. The sudden changes in temperature cause the body to generate more heat which leaves us open to diseases or catching a cold. The changes in the temperature of the day and night are one of the few major reasons one should get an infrared heater.

People who have chosen to be completely vegan consume products with no meat or animal product. Diet is one important aspect to keep our body temperature in check. The moment we put a morsel in our mouth, different organs start to work in order to get the food digested in the most proper way. This process of working many organs together accelerates the body temperature, as a result, we feel warmer after having a meal and this explains the reason for being sleepy after having your lunch or dinner. As most of the blood flow gets diverted to these organs trying to digest the food the body tends to become warm, thus lighter the food in terms of nutrition and minerals available in it, the lesser efforts the body produces to digest. Similarly, the more complex food we intake, the longer is the digestion process thus a longer period of organs working resulting in the warmer body for a long time So, anyone who is vegan will always have a body temperature lower after a meal as compared to a person who just had meat in the meal. That is why a vegan should have an infrared heater at their home which would automatically adjust the temperature of the body and the surrounding keeping the discharge constant and thus making you relax.

There are multiple benefits to have an infrared heater with you The infrared waves produced by the device do not have any adverse effect on the health as it is designed to transfer heat through electromagnetic wavelengths from 780 nm to 1 mm which does not influence the human body. This is safe to use with all the benefits and the device which would bring you comfort and pleasure of relaxing is an infrared heater. So if you do not have an infrared heater you should go and get one

Vegan Recipes For Kids

All too often vegan recipes which are child-friendly are way too high in carbohydrates in order to make them tasty and appealing to our young ones. So let us take a look at some great Kato diet (low carbs), healthy and totally meat-free vegan recipes that all kids will love.

Keto diet meaning – A keto diet is a low carb, medium protein, but high in the fat diet which means eating low carb but high fat produce, which in turn causes the liver to produce ketones which eat away at the body’s fat stores (which are created by eating carbs). This is a great diet if you have diabetes or wish to reduce in weight.

A variation of the keto diet and non-keto diet, kids vegan recipes, is a good combination, to maintain a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Mung Bean and Olive Balls in Tomato sauce with Zucchini Spaghetti
All kids love spaghetti and meatballs with tomato sauce. This recipe is great for kids who notoriously ‘hate’ vegetables. The recipe can be prepared and cooked in just 45 minutes and serves 4.

To make the balls:
2 cups of cooked mung beans
1/2 cup of cooked black olives – chopped
clove of garlic – chopped
2 tablespoons of sun-dried tomatoes – chopped
1 tsp of mixed herbs
1 tsp of dried oregano
a pinch of salt and pepper (to taste)
small pinch of Chilli flakes (optional)
2 tbs of tomato ketchup
ground flax seeds

Soak the fl. seeds in 3 tbs of water and set aside for 10 minutes. Mash the mung beans in a bowl until smooth and then add all other ingredients and mix thoroughly. Roll into small balls, place on a non-stick tray and cook in a medium oven for 15 minutes. Turn over and cook for another 5 – 10 minutes.

Whilst the balls are cooking make a normal tomato sauce for spaghetti, and when balls are cooked place them gently in sauce and take off the stove – do not stir. Cook some vegetable spaghetti (zucchini) and gently spoon balls over. Sprinkle with vegan cheese if wished. Enjoy. Can be served with buttered cauliflower rice as an alternative to vegetable pasta.

Kato Cheese and Tomato Pizza
All you to make the dough is the following:
2 tsp of coconut oil 2 cups of Almond flour Pinch of sea salt tsp of baking powder tsp of olive oil

Mix together thoroughly and roll out to resemble flatbreads Place on baking tray and cook for 15 minutes or until golden and crisp. When a little cooled, cover in gorgeous tomato sauce, vegan cheese, and vegan toppings of choice and cook for further 5 – 10 minutes until cheese is bubbling. The kids will love these gorgeous little pizzas and they will become a firm family favorite.

Kiss dieting goodbye, kids vegan recipes and it can be guaranteed that your young ones, even kids who proclaim to hate veggies – will love and beg for these recipes to be cooked night after night.

Limousine Service vs Vegan Restaurant Businesses

Limousine Benefits

A limousine rental business is constantly seen as a decent speculation decision paying little respect to the demeanor of the economy. As it is firmly subsidiary with the tourism and friendliness enterprises, auto rental organizations or taxi administrations business are by and large seen as a steady speculation channel that has an undiscovered potential for income development.

Limousines are an exquisite and agreeable method for transport and are much more favored than plain lease an auto courses of action. The auto rental business, in any case, has broadened from the great dark extend limo to a more enhanced and cutting edge vehicle armada running from cars, limo transports, and even extend SUV with tremendous seating limits.


Arranging Your Limousine Business Venture

In case you’re truly resolved to begin an auto benefit business, invest significant energy to arrange and put your contemplations on paper. An efficient limousine strategy for success could really save you from committing exorbitant errors in a capital-escalated professional a limousine rental firm.

Setting up a taxi or limousine administration is not as overwhelming as it shows up. Albeit, such as beginning some other organizations, specialists would dependably propose they start looking into and completely concentrate the intricate details of the business.


Watch an Operational Car Service Business

Nearly examining and watching a built up taxi or limo rental administrator will give you imperative bits of knowledge in the auto benefit industry. Hopefully you will converse with the proprietor, however, of course, he can’t reach out to readily part with the systems that made his limo business a win. Visit this website for more information ( )

Inquire about on Licenses, Permits, and Insurances

Before you can turn into a fruitful limousine business administrator, you should ensure that you don’t get into any lawful snares or brush ups with the law. It is important to first acquire a permit to work your auto benefit business, completely guarantee your limousines and cabs, even better even your business itself. Lastly, verify whether every one of your drivers or escorts has a permit to drive a taxi or a rental administration vehicle.


Spend for Upgrades and Improvements

After the underlying money expense, it’s very reasonable if a limousines business administrator wouldn’t have any desire to spend any further. In any case, while sparing is great, an auto benefit business is unified with a dynamic income. And quick cash comes in.


Vegetarian Restaurant

You can start your Vegetarian Restaurant from cost: 10000 – 50000 $There are an expected 20 million American grown-ups who are veggie lovers, and this reality makes an amazing open door for the maturing restaurateur who’d get a kick out of the chance to begin a vegan eatery. Like any eatery business, leading a market overview in the territory where the eatery will be built up can demonstrate customer request. Numerous veggie lover eateries offer sustenance items and also vegan cookbooks, and this can be a stupendous approach to expanding benefits. Besides, additionally look for open doors for a lunch conveyance administration to workplaces and homes, as this can likewise be an approach to reinforce deals. As a dependable guideline, most eateries work on a 40-40-20 percent premise, which means 40 percent of the income takes care of sustenance and consumable costs, 40 percent of income spreads working and overhead expenses, and 20 percent of income is left as the pretax net benefit.



And you can make your Vegetarian Restaurant is the best by using the Limousine service as made good trips by your Limousine service from any places which customers want to your Vegetarian Restaurant, and wait a lot of money came into your hand.


Uses of dewalt tools for harvesting vegetables

You have made an effort to spend time in your home making your vegetable garden. Your love for farming goes a notch higher to practice large scale farming to feed your neighborhood. The interaction with nature gives you a fulfilling effect and a sense of contentment. When the result is good (bumper harvest) your energized providing a positive attitude which further builds your self-esteem. If you lack the proper harvesting tools, it might lead to wastage. The same way you took the time to get the best farming tools when ploughing and weeding. Do not tire to take a step of faith and get the best tools in the market to maximize on your produce.

The Dewalt tools help you in this. Depending on the type of vegetable, their array of quality brands will give you the right fit for your vegetable. Some of the tools include Portable Hand Planer, harvesting knife, shears, machete, green harvester among others. If you have done intercropping in your garden, you may need all the tools but ensure you harvest at the right time.

The part of the plant you are harvesting gives the right use of the equipment. If the vegetable is a stem like the sugarcane, you have to cut it, if it is a fruit then raking is the best option, if it is the leaves, then pruning is essential. All these tools are prone to wear and tear, at one point you need to sharpen the blade to give you an easy time when harvesting. If you are a large scale vegetable farmer, then purchase the heavy commercial agricultural machinery to save time and money on labor costs.

The weather condition of the harvesting time is a factor to consider, imagine harvesting during the snow time? Of course, it means, you have completely compromised on your health.

Some of the uses of the tool when harvesting vegetables include


The knives help in cutting the berries or tomatoes or the lettuce unless you want to uproot them completely. Ensure your blade is sharp enough to save your energy. Some of the vegetables are hardwood, use a portable planer to level and smoothen the stem before you start cutting. Where do you keep your produce? Vegetables are perishable goods, store them in an aired container.


If you are harvesting the leaves of the plants, you just need to prune them to give them ample space to grow once again. Use a sharp knife or a rake depending on the size to maintain the height of the produce.


Beans and barriers require a rake to separate the berries from the branches without interfering with the growth of the plant.


If you have to get the root of the vegetables, like in the case of potatoes. Use a sharp machete which can go into the soil irrespective of the type and the texture to get the potatoes out of the soil.

Dewalt tools are renowned for durable and strong agricultural machinery for both small scale and large scale.

Easy Vegan Recipe for Holiday Dessert

It’s easy, you can make it ahead of time, and it’s got chocolate.  Sound like a perfect holiday dessert?  It is.

I’ve made this no-bake chocolate pumpkin pie from the Sweet Beet and Green Bean blog several times and I love it. The combination of pumpkin and chocolate was not something that sounded wonderful to me initially.  But Jacqueline is right in that you don’t get the pumpkin flavor immediately, but more of a spice cake type of taste which is so wonderful with the creamy texture of the filling.

The recipe calls for an Oreo type crust, but I’ve also made it with a traditional graham cracker crust, which I liked just as well.  I thought the graham flavor was a nice contrast to the chocolate.  The filling is a  very rich, chocolate, that’s for sure.

The absolute best part about this recipe is that it is no-bake!  I make the day before any party and I really think it tastes better the second day anyway.

Vegan Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Recipe

photo courtesy of Sweet Beet and Green Bean blog

Vegetable Love 2009 Entry

Susan from the Fat Free Vegan blog is having a challenge called Vegetable Love 2009. Fat Free Vegan is one of my favorite Vegan Food blogs and always a fun read. Here is her description of the challenge:

Im talking about Vegetable Love, my annual challenge to my fellow bloggers to create some hot, sexy, vegetable-filled Valentines recipes, the kind of dishes that will put some zing into an intimate dinner for two.

Since I am never one to turn down a challenge, here is my entry

The sweetness of the roasted red peppers combined with the fragrant parsley and garlic, make this dish prefect to share with your valentine. Enjoy!

Vegan Roasted Red Pepper Pesto Pasta

1 pound whole wheat penne pasta

2 large red bell peppers

2 large garlic cloves

3/4 c. fresh flat leaf parsley

2 Tbsp. pimentos

2 tsp. white wine vinegar

2 Tbsp. water

black pepper to taste

1/4 c. reserved pasta cooking water

Roast the red peppers and garlic.  (Gas stove top or oven method are fine.)  While the peppers and garlic are cooling after being roasted, prepare the pasta according to package directions. Combine pepper, garlic, and remaining ingredients into food processor.  Pulse until finely chopped.  Combine pasta and pesto in large bowl and toss.  Add as much reserved cooking water as needed to make pasta moist.  Toss again and serve immediately.